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frenszy birthday cards for friends, best friends and besties!

Frenszy birthday cards come in affordable, handy multipacks, providing unrivalled convenience, and saving you time and money. No more last minute trips to the shops, scrolling through endless generic cards online and paying a premium for multiple deliveries.

For busy social secretaries (and parents) of 4 - 8 year olds

Customised in the style of the sender, cards feature your child's very own frenszy character and name.

Unlike traditional birthday cards, Our cards celebrate diversity, foster friendships and reduce stress for parents.

frenszy cards make it super easy to keep up with birthdays, in your little ones friendship group.

  • Grab a card from your pack
  • Get your kids autograph
  • Gift

Create a customised frenszy!

Pick a template to begin customising your frenszy birthday card.

Once you are in the frenszy designer you can choose to purchase a single or multi pack of birthday cards.

frenszy cards measure 5.5.inches x 5.5 inches. Envelopes are included.

  • Single

    P&P £2.00

  • Pack of 5

    P&P £2.00

  • Pack of 10

    P&P £2.00

  • Pack of 20

    P&P £2.00


If you spot a characteristic or trait you want us to hurry up and create let us know

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